Join us on social media, March 3 – Fairness for contract faculty

Sent on behalf of Mark Rosenfeld


Dear colleagues,


On March 3, faculty, students, staff, and supporters across Ontario will engage in a day of action on social media to raise awareness about the need for fairness for contract faculty. This initiative is a project of OCUFA’s Contract Faculty and Faculty Complement Committee, and will build on the momentum generated during last fall’s Fair Employment Week.


Throughout the day, university community members are invited to send their Boards of Governors a message about their priorities for the institution, including improved contract faculty working conditions and the quality of education offered to students.


Here are a few sample tweets:


At #OurUniversity fairness for contract faculty means equal access to benefits. It’s time for respect! @BoardChair #Fairness4CF #CdnPSE


#OurUniversity must commit to fairness for contract faculty! I’ve worked here 8 years without job security @BoardChair #Fairness4CF #CdnPSE


#OurUniversity should respect contract faculty! Everyone deserves equal pay for equal work. @BoardChair #Fairness4CF #15andFairness


And, a sample Facebook post:


It’s time for fairness for contract faculty at @YourUniversityFacebookPage! Contract faculty deserve equal pay for work of equal value, job security, and access to benefits.

#OurUniversity #Fairness4CF #CdnPSE


Below you will find some graphics that can be included with your tweets and Facebook posts.


We are asking that you distribute the attached (below links) notice and graphics to your members and campus allies encouraging them to participate by early next week. It would be great if you could include the twitter handle for the Chair of your Board of Governors and/or your University President in the sample tweets, and the handle for your university’s Facebook page in the Facebook post.

Template email for faculty association members





All faculty members at Ontario universities are invited to participate. For more information, contact OCUFA’s Engagement and Campaigns Coordinator Andrea Calver at [email protected] or Communications Lead Ben Lewis at [email protected].


Others who want to join in should make sure they use the hashtags #OurUniversity or #OurCollege, and #Fairness4CF.


Best regards,



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