Full-time Faculty at St. Jerome’s University Show Support for Contract Faculty Colleagues with New Agreement


Full-time members of the St. Jerome’s University Academic Staff Association (SJUASA) have reached a five-year agreement with their university administration. The faculty association achieved across-the-board salary increases competitive with other faculty associations, as well as an $850 increase to each member’s base salary to maintain parity with University of Waterloo faculty.

Among other achievements, the agreement counters the growing trend towards precarity within the academy by waiving the right of first refusal on overload courses, ensuring the increased availability of positions for contract faculty. Furthermore, good headway was made to improve conditions for Lecturers: The salary floor was raised, course load was reduced, and a Teaching Renewal Term was created wherein every six years Lecturers qualify for two consecutive terms free from teaching. The faculty association also successfully improved conditions for librarians by creating the ranks of Assistant Librarian, Associate Librarian, and Librarian, while identifying the qualifications necessary for promotion.

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