Ontario Universities and College Coalition Calls for Withdrawal of Bill 47

The OUCC, which represents almost 60,000 college and university educators, held a press conference today at Queen’s Park. The event was presided over by Chris Glover, NDP MPP.

The press conference was held in order to draw attention to the ways in which the Ford government’s claw-backs on Bill 148 — the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act — as well as the proposed implementation of Bill 47, will not only create set-backs for the many¬† precariously-employed faculty in both the college and university sectors, but will also jeopardize many students’ ability to access education and to thrive once that education is completed.

Kimberly Ellis-Hale, a long-serving Contract Faculty member at Laurier, also spoke at the media event. Ellis-Hale serves as the Chair for OCUFA’s Contract Faculty Compliment Committee.

See the CBC coverage of the event here.

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