Balsillie School

Articles and letters regarding the Balsillie School:

Jim Turk’s OpEd in the Record:–universities-must-serve-the-public-interest-not-private-ones

Kathie Cameron and Judy Bate’s First Letter to the Record:–flaws-remain-in-governance-document

Kathie Cameron and Judy Bate’s Second Letter to the Record:–maintaining-integrity

Letter from Gus Van Harten and Stepan Wood, York Professors:–york-university-did-the-right-thing-in-cancelling-cigi-deal

Associate Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School of York University Stepan Wood’s letter to the editor in response to Balsillie’s op ed in the Globe:

Letter from Robert Davison, CAS in History:–troubling-influence

Letter from President of St. Jerome’s Faculty Association:–academic-freedom-mustn-t-be-compromised

Letter from Kate Lawson, UW:–potential-dangers

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