Voting Results for 2012/2013 WLUFA Executive Committee

WLUFA would like to thank all members who allowed their names stand for election to the Executive Committee.

The following are the voting results for the WLUFA nominees for Executive Committee Members as listed:

WLUFA Nominees 2012/2013 WLUFA Executive Committee
William Salatka – Full-time (SBE) ELECTED
Stephen Wenn – Full-time (Faculty of Science) ELECTED
James (Jim) Gerlach – CAS (Faculty of Science) ELECTED
Darren Mulloy – Full-time (Faculty of Arts)
Robert Basso – Full-time (Faculty of Social Work) ELECTED
Gregory Cameron – CAS (Faculty of Arts)
Irene Tencinger – Full-time (Brantford Library)
Angele Hamel – Full-time (Faculty of Science) ELECTED
Debra Chapman – CAS (Faculty of Arts)
Carolyn Arnason – Full-time (Faculty of Music)
Gary Warrick – Full-time (Brantford) ELECTED
Connell McCluskey – Full-time (Faculty of Science)
Helen Ramirez – CAS (Faculty of Arts) ELECTED
Andrew Herman – Full-time (Faculty of Arts)
Karljürgen Feuerherm – Full-time (Faculty of Arts)
Natalie Coulter –CAS (Faculty of Arts)
Judith Fletcher – Full-time (Faculty of Arts) ELECTED
Herbert Pimlott – Full-time (Faculty of Arts)
Jonathan Haxell – CAS (Faculty of Arts) ELECTED
Garry Potter – Full-time (Faculty of Arts)

In addition to the President – Judy Bates, and Past President – Mike Skelton, the members as elected will serve on the 2012-2013 Executive Committee.

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