Call for Nominations for Chair of Librarians’ and Archivists’ Committee

Memorandum 15:04


To:              Presidents, Local, Federated and Provincial Associations

CAUT Executive Committee


From:        Ted Montgomery, Chair, Elections and Resolutions Committee





Due to a resignation, there is a vacancy for the position of Chair of the CAUT Librarians’ and Archivists’ Committee.


A nominee for the position of chair of the Librarians’ and Archivists’ Committee should have considerable experience representing the interests of librarians and archivists, should have knowledge of relevant policy matters, and shall normally have served at least one year on the committee. The term of office for this position will be one year – the remaining mandate of a two year term.


The nomination procedure, description of position, and CAUT release time policy are available on the CAUT website.


The deadline for receipt of nominations is March 1, 2015.


Nominations of members of marginalized groups are encouraged, including but not limited to Aboriginal peoples; women; racialized academic staff; academic staff with disabilities; and lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered, queer, and two-spirited academic staff.





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