How you can support National Adjunct Walkout Day

Wear a button in solidarity with your colleagues!

National Adjunct Walkout Day on February 25th is a call from our American colleagues to fight for better conditions for contract faculty across all geographical borders.  As tenure track or tenured faculty we can easily forget how we too are subject to the same systems and practices that do damage to our contract colleagues.  We will undoubtedly feel it more personally in the coming years if public pressure isn’t placed on our administrations and governments now.

We aren’t suggesting a walk out but we are hoping that we use this day to speak with one another, and with our students about the unjust conditions our contract faculty colleagues face every day. It’s critical that we note our participation in a system that places our contract faculty in a precarious situation and how we can and should work to change it.

This is an invitation to join in an international movement.  Posters and fact sheets will be available – please use them as we stand in solidarity with our colleagues throughout the academic world.

February 25th presents an opportunity to make a strong international statement about the direction that education systems have taken. Let’s take advantage of that opportunity.

Wear a button in solidarity with your colleagues!

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