Message from WLUFA President about National Adjunct Walkout Day

From: Rob Kristofferson, WLUFA President


How can you support your American Colleagues in their National Adjunct Walkout Day?


First of all, we must make it clear that WLUFA does not advocate or support or condone in any way a “walkout” to mark National Adjunct Walkout Day, and we must remind you that if you do not teach your regularly scheduled classes on February 25th , you will be violating your Collective Agreement and could be subject to discipline.


But – there are ways you can provide support for our American colleagues – and Contract Faculty in Canada and here at Laurier. Buttons and posters are on their way – wear them and post them! Speak to your colleagues and students about the issues that face Contract Faculty. Read more about the North American phenomenon on the National Adjunct Walkout Day Facebook page (


So – we encourage you to talk the talk, just don’t walk the walk!



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