Tweet – or post – your support to Adjuncts at our sister school, Seattle University

Dear Faculty and Librarians,

Today is National Adjunct Walkout Day in the United States, and we’d like you to show your support!

We have twinned with faculty at Seattle University where adjuncts have mobilized 300 people to take a stand for faculty rights and quality education on their campus. More than 100 faculty (all levels, adjunct to tenured ) and 200 students at Seattle University have signed onto a public letter declaring they will walk out of their classrooms today.

Laurier Faculty and students can send messages of support to Seattle University faculty and students. Please post a message to the Advocate blog site: and WLUFA will tweet it out to Seattle. Or tweet to them directly using the hashtags #NAWD, #WeAreSeattleU, #cdnpse and #solidarity.

You can also support this campaign by using the day to raise awareness about the conditions of contract faculty both in the US and here at home. We’ve provided buttons, posters, and links to online resources that may help structure a class discussion.

Other events at Seattle University you should know about:
· Along with turning out their students and fellow colleagues, contingent faculty leaders have met with numerous other unions, elected officials, and local churches to turn out community support for their walkout.
· Faculty and students will begin with a large picket line at the front entrance of SU. That will be followed by a rally where faculty and students will participate in a teach-in around the issues.
· An SU student group, Reignite the Mission, put together a presentation to talk about why they are walking out in solidarity on 2/25.

Please also refer to the signs and campaign materials attached for further information.

WLUFA Communications Committee

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