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Hi everyone,


Well, we finally did it: we officially launched our zero tuition campaign at a press conference this morning. David Wheeler, CBU’s President, Brandon Ellis, CBU’s Student Union President, joined me, as CBUFA President, in signing a letter calling for an end to tuition for post-secondary education in Canada. More specifically, we call for an early transition to a policy of free tuition for all those who require it, including all First Nations students. This would be followed by a staged move towards the abolition of post-secondary education tuition fees altogether by a date to be defined through a process of constructive consultation between federal and provincial partners. The three of us are in the process of sending this letter to our counterparts across the country asking them to join us and sign the letter as well. Once we have collected signatures from others, we will send it to all federal party leaders.


We have added a second strand to our campaign by creating a web site where all interested people can sign a petition, which will also be sent to the leaders of our federal parties. So please visit where you will find our letter, a link to a Q&A document about our campaign,  and a petition you can sign. These documents are, or soon will be, available in French as well as English.



Cheers, Scott



Robert Scott Stewart, Ph.D.

Professor of Philosophy

President, Cape Breton University Faculty Association (CBUFA)

Cape Breton University

Sydney, NS Canada

B1P 6L2

[email protected]

(902) 563-1252


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