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  • Did you know that Contract Faculty are eligible, but not required, to join the WLU Pension Plan?
  • Did you know that most Contract Faculty qualify if they have taught at least three (3) courses in each of the last two (2) years? [For full details see below.]
  • Did you know that when the required pension contribution increased by 0.5% on July 1, 2015, WLUFA negotiated a corresponding 0.5% increase in compensation for ALL Contract Faculty, regardless of whether or not they were members of the WLU Pension Plan?

Collective Agreement 24.6 WLU Pension Plan

  • 24.6.1 Under the terms of 24.6.2, Members as part-time employees are eligible but not required to join the WLU Pension Plan.
  • 24.6.2 Members are eligible to enrol in theWLU Pension Plan following two consecutive calendar years of employment in which they have either earnings greater than thirty-five percent (35%) of the Canada Pension Plan Yearly Maximum Pensionable Earnings, or have worked a minimum of seven hundred (700) hours in each of the two (2) years.
  • 24.6.3 Once a Part-time CAS or Librarian Member has enrolled in theWLU Pension Plan under the terms of 24.6.2, the Member is eligible to make contributions to the Plan during subsequent appointment periods as a Member. Pension Plan membership shall terminate when there is a break in service with the University of more than twenty-four (24) months.
  • 24.6.4 Members who have established membership in theWLU Pension Plan through employment with the University in capacities other than as Members of this Bargaining Unit retain their membership in the Plan should their other employment with the University terminate, subject to the break in service under 24.6.3.

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