Did you know…

The count-down clock for negotiations is ticking.

  • Did you know that your Negotiating Team is getting ready to bargain on your behalf?
    • We have been analyzing the responses from the survey sent to all members, going over our discussions with members at the faculty meetings and reading emails sent by members in order to establish the priorities for negotiations.
  • Do you know what bargaining really is?
    • It is our members, speaking through their Negotiating Team, telling the administration collectively what must change in the workplace.
  • Did you know the administration is unlikely to cede to these demands?
    • If they wanted to give you these things you wouldn’t need a union!
  • Did you know this is where you come in?
    • You must convince the administration by your actions that you support the Negotiating Team.
  • Did you know that Bargaining Unit meetings will be held soon that will give your Negotiating Team a mandate to bargain on your behalf?
    • Brantford Tue Apr 5 11:00 – 13:00 GRH105
    • Waterloo Wed Apr 6 11:00 – 13:00 Hawk’s Nest

Come for the free lunch, stay to learn about the upcoming negotiations and to show your support!

Your Negotiating Team

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