Sexual Violence on Campus: “Academic Matters” and Resources

[Posted on behalf of WLUFA Executive.]

While some of you may have already received a hard copy of Academic Matters Winter 2017 issue, the WLUFA Executive feels that its subject matter, “Sexual Violence on Campus”, and its connection to the growing body of work being done by our own members, merits our bringing it into the spotlight.

In particular, please take some time to read “How faculty can help end sexual violence on campus”, written by one of our own Gendered Violence Faculty Colleagues, Rebecca Godderis, in which she outlines some very clear approaches to help foster awareness and action amongst faculty members, both inside and outside of their classrooms. Godderis’ piece is a readable article that sets out tangible suggestions of which we can all make use. Her article is a good counter-point to the more politically-postured piece by Premiere Wynne that opens the issue, “It’s never okay: Working together to end sexual violence and harassment on campus”.

WLUFA has only barely begun its work in the areas of gendered and sexual violence and more broadly in equity and diversity. We are, however, committed to making these issues a central part of our Association mandate.

We strongly encourage you to move forward with us on these matters. A closer look at Rebecca Godderis’ article, “How faculty can help end sexual violence on campus”, will help us all to take a step in the right direction. In addition, we have provided Laurier-specific resources related to gendered and sexual violence at the end of this post if you would like to find out more information.

Your WLUFA Executive



  • For more information about Laurier’s new Gendered and Sexual Violence Policy for students see: Addressing Gendered Violence at Laurier
  • Tips on how to provide support if someone has disclosed an experience of gendered or sexual violence to you: Provide Support
  • To receive support (for yourself or students including if you have received a disclosure), please contact:
    • Sarah Scanlon, Sexual Violence Support Advocate
      E: [email protected]; T: 519-884-0710 x4847
  • To learn more about Laurier’s initiatives and to participate in the Gendered Violence Task Force, please contact:
    • Lynn Kane, Manager, Gendered Violence Prevention & Support
      E: [email protected]; T: 519-884-0710 x4710
  • To receive 24/7 support contact:
    • WATERLOO: The Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region 24-hour support line: 519-741-8633
    • BRANTFORD: The Sexual Assault Centre of Brant 24-hour crisis and support line: 519-751-3471
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