The “Full-Time Faculty and Professional Librarians” turn for collective agreement re-negotiation

The “Full-Time Faculty and Professional Librarians” Collective Agreement is up for re-negotiation this spring, giving us a fresh opportunity to work together to solve our collective problems and secure better working conditions for the members of this bargaining unit. A survey has been distributed by email to these members to start the process of determining goals and priorities. (Let the WLUFA Office know if you haven’t received this email and you believe you should have.)

Thank you to the appointed members of this year’s Negotiating Team:

  • Azim Essaji (Economics – Co-Chair)
  • Andrew Herman (Communication Studies)
  • Joanne Oud (Library)
  • Sheila McKee-Protopapas (Executive Director – Co-Chair)
  • Glenda Wall (Sociology)

They have already begun working on developing proposals to take to the table but look forward to hearing feedback from you!

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