Members’ Comments on Layoffs and the Open Letter

When University Presidents craft open letters to their respective University communities two motivations are possible.  First, when a University has something to celebrate, whether it is the accomplishments of its faculty and students or the dedicated work of its staff, its President will sometimes prepare such a letter for mass distribution.  These messages are easy […]

University Financial Review

The following is sent on behalf of the WLUFA Executive Committee   Greetings,   This is to inform you that WLUFA Executive Committee has received an offer from the University Administration for a third party review of the University’s finances.  The Executive has provisionally accepted this offer, subject to a definition of its terms and […]

University Finance Reports Now Available On-line / Rapports financiers des universités accessibles en ligne

Memorandum 15:08   To:          Presidents and Administrative Officers, Local and Federated Associations   From:    Sylvain Schetagne, Associate Executive Director, Research & Political Action   Since 1999, CAUT has distributed to our local associations annual financial reports for Canadian universities, derived from data provided by Statistics Canada and the Canadian Association of University Business Officers […]

CAS & University Faculty Council (UFC) Meeting on Thursday March 26th

The following is sent on behalf of the WLUFA Communications Committee. Yesterday an email was sent informing you of a special University Faculty Council (UFC) meeting to be held on Thursday March 26th, 4:30-6:30 in Senate & Board Chamber (Waterloo) and connected by 2-way video link to Research & Academic Centre, RCW-202 (Brantford). This meeting […]

Layoff Poster 1

The Communications Committee suggests that faculty members hang the posters on their doors, instead of walls, as they are less likely to be taken down. There are a few larger posters that have been sent to your mailroom. We ask that faculty members post these on their departmental bulletin boards, or other appropriate places.

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